Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Disney World

In October 2006 we got to take Chelsie, Whitney and Dylan to Disney World. It was a bit scary because she had just had a treatment and was at her lowest blood count. The Dr.s were not happy with us. We had to call and have a Florida Dr lined up to check her blood the day after we got there. Anyway I am so glad we just did it anyway. We talked her into wearing a mask and gloves on the plane. She was really not liking that but she did it. It was a bit bad because we had gotten our tickets to disney world ahead of time and had to go 4 days so we had no time to stay home. So the 1st day at disney world we had Chelsie wear her gloves and mask and use a wheel chair. She got so she didn't mind. Sometimes, well lots of times people would star at us. Chelsie started to really get a kick out of doing this little wave by putting her hand up to her face and wiggling her fingers, she would kindof tilt her head to the side, at people like that. Then she would laugh. It made people quite uneasy to see that. We had the best, funnest, wonderful week. What a sweet gift to have that time together. It was also so great to find her wig that she felt really good in. By the end of the week she started having to wear it. And she look so cute and good with her new, thick, long hair. After the 2nd day of her wheel chair her blood count came back up and she got to just be Chelsie at Disneyworld.

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