Monday, March 23, 2009

My sister's hands

My sister's hands are fair and white; my sister's hands are dark
My sister's hands are touched with age, or by the years unmarked
And often when I pray for strength to live as He commands
The Father sends me sustenance in my sister's hands

My sister's hands are lined and worn with burdens of their own
And yet I know that should I mourn, I need not weep alone
For often as I seek His grace to lighten life's demands
The Father sends me solace borne in my sister's hands

My sister's hands: compassion's tools that teach my own their art
Witnesses of charity within the human heart
Bearers of the Savior's love and mercy unto man
I have felt the Master's touch in my sister's hands

I heard this song and couldn't stop bawling. I am so thankful for all
that Chelsie gave us. I miss her so much! Our Sister Forever.

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Taneil said...

I want to hear this song. Who wrote it?