Sunday, March 9, 2008


For Chels birthday I was trying to think about her and what she liked just to kind of have her in my heart the whole day. So I wanted to eat all her favorite foods so I was trying to remember her favorites I think it was sushi, artichokes and homemade chicken noodle soup and then I was remembering when we came to visit last April and we went to Millhollow for frozen yogurt for FHE. Chel rode home with us and she was so happy to finally be eating again so she was telling us all her cravings. We were driving her all around to figure out what she wanted first it was pizza we kind of talked her out of that one because we thought it would really upset her stomach then she wanted a hot dog so we got up to the drive in and she changed her mind again. She finally decided on a Soft taco from Taco Time. She just really wanted it so bad so we didn't try to stop her we got it and they forgot the ranch and she couldn't have her taco without ranch so we turned around to get the ranch. She really enjoyed that taco the whole way home she only could eat half of it. She actually threw it up that night but even after she did she said that was the best taco she ever had. It was her last taco she ever had. That was a fun memory of Chel.

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