Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving memories

I was just thinking about the time when everyone came to Everett to visit us for Thanksgiving. It was really foggy, cold and rainy (typical for Washington in Nov.) but they were camping in their RV:) Chelsie stayed at our apt. most of the time. I hadn't seen everyone for so long so I was so excited and me and Chel would stay up late talking about her love intrests and friends. I loved spending time with her. The night before Thanksgiving I had her and Whitney stay and we were talking about how Whitney loved Pumpkin Pie but no one else did so we never had it for Thanksgiving so we decided to make a pumpkin roll instead. So we went to the grocery store really late I didn't even have a jelly roll pan so we had to get everything and we stayed up pretty late trying to figure out how to make the pumpkin roll I think Whitney fell asleep or got bored even though this was for her and Chelsie just talked while I did most of it :) Ahhh the teen years! It was so fun to do it though and I have made one every year since that is kind of my Thanksgiving tradition I always remember that year my first pumpkin roll :) That was a really fun Thanksgiving for me to see my sweet family :)

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